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LPI Racing is conveniently located in Livermore, CA for easy access from San Jose, Walnut Creek, Tracy and the San Francisco Bay Area in general. LPI Racing has a large selection on hand for you to walk in and get the correct fitment for you. We have helmets for auto racing, truck racing, autocross, karting, open wheel and off road.

–New Helmet Product Line for 2014

•The 8860 or “super helmet” standard was developed by the FIA to improve overall helmet performance and safety and is known as the most severe racing helmet standard in the world. The FIA8860 specification requires the helmet to be certified to the Snell SA standard plus pass an additional single impact from 5 meters to help protect against more massive impacts and withstand a special shell hardness test to help prevent objects from penetrating the shell. Bell was the first helmet company to introduce an FIA8860 certified model in 2004. Since the initial introduction, Bell’s HP helmets have been constantly improved and the current models are a direct result of intense research and development and
close collaboration with the world’s best drivers, teams and testing facilities. Test results show that in certain impacts, the Bell HP helmets absorb up to 40% more energy than standard models.

GT.5 Touring addition give the driver the option of using a shield in the normal manner, or changing over to a visor only for that open face feel, but with the protection of the chin bar.
–Product Innovations
•Bell Racing USA is pleased to announce that menacing Vador helmet has returned to the Bell helmet line-up for 2013. The Vador features a lightweight composite shell, comfortable interior fit and rear facing vents to prevent dust and dirt from entering the helmet.
–Helmet Impact Performance
•3 Piece Multi-Density Liner (developed for F1).
–Improved Product Quality / Finish
•Attention to detail. •Compact design. •Lighter weight than SA05.
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