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Flowmaster Exhaust

Flowmaster Exhaust


Applications for Cars, Trucks, SUV, Off-Road and Race Cars.  Exhaust Systems, Mufflers, X-Pipes, Headers, Cats, Race Mufflers, Exhaust Tips and Tail Pipe Kits.   If you don't see your car listed, or the part you want listed, give us a call.


Outlaw Series Logo
The Most Aggressive Race-Oriented Exhaust System. 
The Outlaw Series Exhaust Systems/Kits feature race-bred components that ensure minimal restriction and only slight reduction on sound over open exhaust tubing on non-catalytic converter-equipped vehicles. With new vehicles featuring catalytic converters, Outlaw Systems can be compatible with regular street driving. If you desire the ultimate in aggressive sounding performance, an Outlaw Series exhaust system could be right for you.
Outlaw Meter
American Thunder Logo
The Most Popular Aggressive Tone Exhaust System.
The classic sound of a Flowmaster chambered exhaust, our American Thunder Series features mufflers tuned to deliver more power, torque, throttle response and mileage. Best of all, these exhaust systems take sedate vehicles and deliver that great performance tone especially designed for muscle car and truck fans. American Thunder is the most authentic Flowmaster muffler sound we offer.
American Thunder Meter
Pro Series Logo
Deeper Tone with Aggressive Sound Characteristics.
Looking for something that sets you apart from the pack? The American Thunder Pro Series exhaust systems deliver that same great aggressive exhaust note you love with the American Thunder chamber exhaust system, but with a deeper, uniquely special tone due to the use of our laminar flow muffler technology. Available for a wide variety of applications including late model Mustang, Camaro and diesel vehicles.
Pro series Meter
dBX Logo
Top Choice for Sport Compact, Import & Euro vehicles.
The newest laminar flow technology muffler, the dBX delivers the same fine attributes as the American Thunder Pro Series mufflers with a deep tone and great overall acceleration sound, but in a compact case perfect for smaller vehicles. The dBX features 304 stainless steel casings so they can be polished to a brilliant luster that is attractive to sport compact fans. If you want a truly track-tested, dyno-proven exhaust system that delivers a uniquely different tone, the dBX exhaust systems are the perfect fit.
dBX Meter
Force II Logo
For a Mild Performance Tone Experience.
The Force ll Exhaust System is perfect for customers looking for some level of performance tone enhancement, but are concerned about installing an exhaust system that is too aggressive for daily street driving. The Force II exhaust systems commonly incorporate larger displacement mufflers and resonators to control overall sound, but increase the “performance impression” made by the vehicle. The Force ll exhaust systems are a nice way to step up performance and tone on any vehicle.
Force II Meter

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