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Accusump Oil Accumulators

The Accusump provides  up to 3 quarts of oil to help protect against engine damage caused by loss of oil pressure.  Racing cars and High performance street machines, especially on race tires can place a lot of stress on the oil system.  Oil in your pan will slosh from braking and cornering and cause your oil pump pickup to be uncovered, which causes a loss of oil pressure.  Too many times and severe engine damage will occur. (Ask us we know...) The Accusump provides up to 3 quarts of oil when the oil pressure starts to drop reducing the potential for damage. An Accusump is a pressurized oil reservoir that is connected to the engine's oiling system. It is designed to deliver oil to an engine before starting (pre-oiling) and to discharge its reservoir of oil during low oil pressure surges to protect against engine damage.

The Accusump installs simply with only one oil line connecting it. Through this line, the Accusump fills and discharges. This oil line may be plumbed into the return line of an oil cooler or remote filter using a "T" fitting, into an oil input sandwich adapter, or directly into one of the engines oil galleys.

The Accusump's design includes a piston. Pressurized air is on one side of the piston and on the other side is an oil reserve. To hold this oil reserve in the Accusump when the engine is not running, a valve must be installed on the oil line.There are three different Accusump valve options; a manual ball valve for pre-oiling and surge control, an electric valve for pre-oiling operation , and the EPC (electric pressure control) valve for pre-oiling and surge control. Before the engine is started the operator should open the manual valve or turn on the toggle switch or ignition switch to activate the electric valve or the EPC valve. The opened or activated valve releases the oil reserve that is under pressure in the Accusump. This oil will go to the engine's bearings to pre-oil the engine for a non-scuff start. After the engine is running and the oil pump builds pressure, oil is pumped back into the Accusump for the next restart or whenever the engine's normal oil pressure is interrupted. The Accusump will automatically charge and discharge as needed to maintain oil pressure during hard cornering , acceleration and braking.

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