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Accusump Quick Facts

  • Here is a graph showing the Accusump activation on our LPI Racing Corvette at Buttonwillow Raceway.  Imagine what happens to an engine without the accusump...
  • 90%of wear on engines occur during start up before normal oil pressure is reached. The Accusump can eliminate this by delivering pressurized oil before the engine is started.
  • The Accusump is built from aluminum tubing with a Teflon interior for long lasting reliable performance.  It is completely serviceable.
  • The Accusump's design allows it to be mounted in any position, vertical, horizontal, or anywhere in between.
  • A safety blow-off valve designed to release when pressure inside the Accusump increases to an unsafe level is installed on every Accusump.(Valve is only hand tightened from the factory)
  • If the need ever arises any Accusump can be rebuilt using Canton's rebuild service.

Accusump Installation Tips

Using a "T" fitting is a popular method of plumbing an Accusump into an engine's oiling system.
Placing an adapter between the spin-on filter and block to plumb an Accusump into an engine's oiling system is also a popular method.
Hose, fittings, and oiling adapters are available individually.

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