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Brey Krause R-1025 - Harness Truss/ Harness Mount for 911 Coupes

Price: $640.95
SKU: R-1025
Weight: 25 lbs
Brey Krause R-1025 - Harness Truss/ Harness Mount for 911 Coupes
Brey Krause R-1025 - Harness Truss/ Harness Mount for 911 Coupes
PORSCHE964911 Coupe1989-1994
PORSCHE993911 Coupe1994-1998
Harness Mount Truss, 1974-1998 Porsche 911 Coupe: R-1025:BK Logo

The Brey-Krause "Harness Truss" was developed so a driver can mount the shoulder harness directly to the truss.  This provides proper mounting of the harness and is much more than just a guide bar.

The Harness Truss has been tested and certified to handle the types of forces required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin. DOT and SAE J385 Rev.MAR 95, Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Anchorages-Performance Requirements. It's strong, yet it weighs only a fraction of what a support of the same strength made from tubular or bar steel would weigh.

The Harness Truss is precision water-jet machined for a perfect fit into Porsche factory mounting points. This type of machining is accurate and does not create heat affected areas in the metal which can alter tensile strength. Strength requirements for harness mounts are considerably greater than those for harness guide bars since they must support the entire load applied to the belts. A mount really can't be relied upon unless it has been tested to support the loads required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Material: 6061-T6 aluminum skeleton and reinforcing bar. Type 304 stainless steel brackets.
Finish: Anodized aluminum with satin stainless mounting brackets.
Weight: 9.44 lbs.
Models: 911 Coupes '74 - '98
Installation: Bar attaches to factory mounting points in "B" pillars.
Miscellaneous: Harness Truss is designed to allow enough seat travel for tall drivers. The stainless steel mounting brackets can be left installed in the "B" pillars to easily remove and remount the bar in minutes.
Click here for Installation Instructions
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