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XRP - HS-79 Teflon Hose

XRP - HS-79 Teflon Hose
HS-79 The Most Technically Advanced Hose System Available.

HS-79 Ultra-Lite flexible smoothbore Teflon® hose assemblies are truly state-of-the-art.
4-ply composite construction is at the core of HS-79’s distinctive list of advantages. HS-79’s smooth-bore design offers extremely high flow rates, pressure and temperature ratings (-65° to +400° F) and lower pressure drop than comparable systems. In addition, HS-79 provides extreme flexibility and ease of installation and cleaning.
Tight bend radius and higher vacuum capacity are possible because HS-79 has a higher hoop strength...without using internal support coils that can restrict flow. It’s terrific for high vacuum applications, oil suction lines, etc. Moreover, XRP’s HS-79 assemblies feature a noticeably larger inner diameter. Look inside the fittings below and compare for yourself. It is this generous inner diameter that gives HS-79 greater flow capacity and better performance on race day. greater flow is only part of the story of optimizing fluid delivery! The characteristics of the flow are critically important to the racer as well. HS-79’s smooth-bore “non-convoluted” design eliminates boundary layer entrapment and flow disturbance for raceday performance you can count on! HS-79 is compatible with all racing engine fluids, including gas, alcohol, and nitromethane and can be assembled with either 37° JIC hose ends or aluminum quick disconnect clamshell couplings.

Teflon®, Kevlar®, Hypalon® and Nomex® are DuPont trademarks.
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