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DBA 5000 Series Brake Rotors

DBA 5000 Series Brake Rotors
DBA 5000 Series Rotors
DBA 5000 Series T3T3 Slotted or XS Drilled and Slotted - 2-piece, Ultimate Street & Track Performance

DBA's extreme performance two piece brake rotors offer lower rotating weight, and added thermal protection, especially to the wheel bearings. The two piece design allows the rotor to expand at different rates further protecting against brake rotor cracking.

The center hat is made from 6061-T6 aluminum and is fully reusable.
DBA Thermal Paint

5000 Series rotors have Thermo-Graphic heat paint markings which change color when a specific temperature is reached.
DBA 5000 Series ReplacementSlotted or XS - 2-piece Replacement Disc

LPI Racing carries a full line of replacement rotors (without aluminum center). The 5000 series DBA brake rotor is available as a slotted or cross drilled and slotted design.

Pricing is per brake rotor. For pairs please order two.

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