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Maximum Motorsports - Mustang Brake Lines

Teflon-lined, braided stainless steel hoses (sometimes called brake lines, which normally refers to the solid tubing that routes along the chassis) provide better performance than the stock rubber hoses with a firmer brake pedal, quicker braking response and better brake modulation. These hoses are considered a safety requirement for any car that is raced. The high heat generated during track use has been known to cause failure of the stock rubber hoses.

Maximum Motorsports was the first to offer direct replacement stainless steel brake hoses for Mustangs in the early 1990's. MM went to completely new hose designs in 2003, and insured our exclusive Mustang braided stainless steel brake hoses are still the best available. Distinctive features of the MM hoses include the ability of the hose end to swivel at the chassis fitting prior to tightening. This allows perfect alignment to accommodate production tolerances between the chassis tab and the caliper's banjo bolt. These stainless steel brake hoses are a direct fit for the listed Mustang applications and do not require any modification to the chassis tab. An all new brake fluid-resistant clear urethane covering helps protect the stainless steel braid and helps keep the braided line clean. These DOT approved hoses come complete with new fluid bolts, crush washers, and copyrighted MM instructions detailing application specific features for each model Mustang they fit. At this time, we only have the hose kits available that are listed below. Kits for other model years will follow.
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