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LPI Racing offers many products for you race, track or street car or truck. Below are just a few examples of the brands we sell.  Please contact us directly so we may assist you in finding the product that is best for your application.


 EBC Description Logo
EBC Brake Pads RPX 5

EBC brake pads range from eco friendly OE replacement pads, street, performance street, ceramic, high performance street, HD 4x4 SUV, light track, light race, track or race only.

EBC Rotor

EBC brake discs offer a high quality disc upgrade or replacement option across the full range of vehicle requirements.

Made in Northampton UK facility from G3000 spec cast iron or G3500 disc alloy for the 2-Piec Fully-Floating Rotors.  Approved by German TUV Authorities.


   Porterfield Brake Pads
Porterfield Corvette 5 Porterfield Brake Pads are one of the best Performance Street brake pads on the market. The secret is in the carbon Kevlar compound. The R4-1 is a great vintage racing and Autocross brake pad while the R-4 and the R4-E work well for club racing and endurance events. (The R4-E is a favorite of the Lemons racers.)

 Raybestos Brake Pads
Raybestos Racing 5

Raybestos Brake Pads are all out track pads. There are several compounds we can use to optimize your performance.
The ST-47 is a favorite of the USTC while the ST-43 is a great endurance pad and track day pad.
Raybestos has been making brake pads for over 100 years. They have proven themselves as a top brake pad manufacturer for both street and racing brake pads. Their street pads have been readily available for years,and now so are their race pads.

 StopTech Street pads
StopTech Big Brake Kit
Stoptech: Between Stoptech and Centric all street, track and race applications are covered. If you have questions about what you want for your car, give us a call. We can help you determine what you need based on your priorities.

Big Brake Kits
Brake Lines
Brake Pads
Brake Rotors

Setrab 1-Series Cooler Fan Pack, 13 row, 8.27 x 4.25 inches, FP113M22I 5

Setrab Oil Coolers has combined with the SPAL fans for an unbeatable cooling solution package.  Already have a cooler and just need the fan kit?  Setrab also has the Fan Pack Kits. 

Setrab filters are designed with a cleanable and reusable stainless steel filtration element. The filtration level is rated at 30 micron. Additionally Setrab has a strong rare-earth magnet to collect additional ferrous particles. May be the last filter you need to buy for your car or truck.

Autopower Rollbars

Autopower Roll Cage 5
Autopower roll bars and roll cages meet or exceed the safety requirements for most competition sanctioning organizations including SCCA and NASA.

Every Autopower roll bar or roll cage has been designed to fit specific car models so only minor modifications are necessary for installation. Most Autopower installations are a true bolt-in and require No Welding.