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Setrab Oil Filters

Setrab LogoLPI Racing offers the Setrab USA primary oil filters for your engine and pre-filters for your differential and gear box pumps. Setrab uses stainless steel and sintered bronze in their filter elements to ensure a hi flow rate as well as excellent filtration.

- Setrab Engine Oil Filters:
The Setrab spin on engine oil filter is designed with a cleanable and reusable stainless steel filtration element. The filtraton level is rated at 30 micron. Additionally Setrab has a strong rare-earth magnet to collect additional ferrous particles. May be the last filter you need to buy for your car or truck.

- In-Line Pre-Filters:
Sintered Bronze elements filter out 150 micron particles in heavy gear lube and other lighter weight lubricants. Designed to mount to the inlet side of the oil pumps to prolong the life of the pump. There is also a strong rare earth magnet in the filter as well. The filters are servicable and can be cleaned and reused. Filter Service kits with new elements and o-rings are available as well.

- Adapter Fitting Pre-Filters:
Install directly between AN adapter fittings fittings and hose ends for filtration in applications where constraints inhibit the installation of an in-line filter. These are reusable and easy to clean. They filter down to 250 micron and available for hose sizes AN-6 to AN-16.
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