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XRP - Clamshell Butt, Flat, Socket Weld-Ons

Clamshell-Style Butt, Socket and Flat Weld-Ons

For aluminum tubing applications: Use socket weld only if tubing is to be brazed. Use butt weld if tubing is to be welded. Socket welds have a counterbored area for tubing insertion.
For stainless steel tubing applications: Either socket weld or butt weld styles may be used. If you have any questions, regarding your application, call for technical assistance.
Tubing Flange Weld Ons listed below are aluminum. To order them in Stainless Steel, change the first number to 5. Viton O-Rings included.

NOTE: If using nitro-methane or alcohol, specify EPR O-Rings. Call for Technical Information.
NOTE: HCSP spacer fits inside a double O-ring cavity and allows it to be used with a single O-ring flange.

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