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Hawk Brake Pads

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Hawk Brake Pads - #1 Choice with SCCA

Hawk Brake Pads are the #1 choice for SCCA racers, and HPDE drivers alike. These brake pads offer great value, have multiple compounds, and are rotor friendly. LPI Racing has been using Hawk Brake Pads for the last 10 years, starting with the HP Plus brake pads for autocrossing. Today, LPI Racing owner Bill Lackey uses the Hawk DTC 70 compound for road racing his ITE LS7-powered Mazda RX7. LPI Racing owner Tammy Lackey prefers the Hawk Blue Brake Pads for her Miata. The Hawk Blue Brake Pads are great for light weight cars, but are not the most rotor-friendly for street driving. The Hawk DTC70 brake pads are super high friction, and should only be used on cars with a lot of mechanical grip or downforce.

Let us help you pick the right Hawk brake pad for your brake application. There is a tendency for drivers to pick the highest friction brake pad available, but this may not be the best approach. If the brake pads are not achieving their operating temperature range , there is a risk of not getting the expected bite and excessive rotor wear. Depending on the car, it can be advantageous to balance the front and rear brakes with different compound choices. We've included a Hawk Brake Pad Application Guide to assist you in identifying the Hawk brake pads for your car. A Make/Model/Year application guide is also available at the top of the page. If you can't find your application, please call. With thousands of Hawk brake pads available, we can help you find the brake pad for your application. Hawk also offers custom brake pads.

Hawk Brake Pads
Street / Track Hawk Brake Pad Description - Hawk Brake pads
Hawk Ceramic Hawk Ceramic - Very low dust, low noise brake pad from Hawk Performance. Very linear pad, great feel. Lower dust than most OEM pads, and greater bite.
Hawk HPS- High Performance Street Brake Pad,- Fairly Low noise and dust, but usually a bit more than OEM. Very rotor friendly and good for autocross events. Usually provides 20-40% stopping power than OEM pads and is less prone to fade. Good all around performance brake pad.
Hawk HP+ Hawk HP Plus - Some call these street pads, but they are pretty noisy and a little dusty for street pads. Good for autocross and light track duty. Hawk Performance's HP Plus brake pad compound is ideal for Autocross and Track Day drivers looking for a high performance race compound that can take the heat of the track and get you home safely without having to change the pads.
Hawk Brake Pads Competition Hawk Brake Pad Description
Temp. Range

Hawk Racing Brake Pads DTC

Hawk Performance is the industry leader in performance brake pads and is the official brake pad for SCCA. Whether you are running an open wheel car or a NASCAR, Hawk Performance has a brake pad for you. LPI Racing most often recommends either the HT10 or DTC70 brake pads depending on the application. HT10's can be driven to and from events. The DTC70 is not rotor friendly, but proves to have the most bite of any of the Hawk Brake Pads.
Hawk Black - Medium torque - Not used much on track, but good for some dirt applications. If used on track is usually in lower HP cars and used in the rear. 100 - 900°F - (38 - 482°C)
Hawk Blue - Medium/High torque and temperature compound with great brake modulation. Highest selling SCCA pad. Used mostly in lower HP cars like Spec Miata and IT. Great feel and modulation. 250 - 1000°F - (121 - 538°C)
Hawk HT10 - Intermediate to high torque with a smooth initial bite. (Sounds like a wine.) - Good higher torque pad for medium to higher HP cars. Can be difficult to bed, and if not bedded properly will squeal. Can be driven to and from events. Easier on rotors than Hawk Blues. 300 -1600°F -(149 - 871°C)
Hawk HT14 - Very high torque with aggressive initial bite. Up to the release of the DTC70, was the top pad. Good for higher HP cars, but should look at DTC70. 300 - 1400°F - (149 - 871°C)
Hawk DTC05 - Smooth, Predictable Torque. Dirt, Circle Track, Autocross/Track Day Events - Replaces Hawk Blacks. 100 - 900°F - (38 - 482°C)
Hawk DTC30 - Controllable Torque. Smooth Feel and Bite. Excellent Release Characteristics. Dirt Circle Track 100 - 1200°F - (38 - 649°C)
Hawk DTC60 - High Torque. Excellent Torque Control. Similar to HT10's, but easier to bed. Good pad for the rear with DTC70 up front. 400 - 1600°F - (204 - 871°C)
Hawk DTC70 - Highest hawk Brake Pad torque. Preferred by many, especially those with >3000 lb cars. Great for EVO's, STI's, any heavier cars, or those with ABS that want lots of friction.

400 - 1600°F - (204 - 871°C)
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