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Looking to upgrade your brakes? Need race pads for the track? Time to change the brake fluid?

LPI Racing offers a wide range of Brake Kits, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors and more for many high-performance street and racing applications. We carry Hawk, Pagid, Porterfield and Raybestos brake pads for street and competition applications. And, don't forget your truck. Every good tow rig needs a set of good pads too.

DBA Rotors and Power Slot Rotors are both popular, high quality replacement brake rotors.

LPI Racing carries an assortment of Brake Lines, Brake Fluid, Motive Products Power Brake Bleeders and Cooling Hose in stock.

If you need help selecting the right brake components for your car, please call (406) 420-2400. We'll be happy to assist you in determining the best brake components for your car, whether used for street performance, autocross, or the race track.

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