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EBC Blue Stuff Brake Pads

EBC Blue Stuff Brake Pads
Blue Stuff - Super Street and Track Day brake pads.
- EBC's intermediate track day and race pad.
- Decent cold friction making it streetable for fast road cars.
- Improvement in stopping distance compared Yellow Stuff compounds.
- R90 approved in Europe for highway use on some models.
- Country of Origin:  GB

A bit more aggressive then the Yellow Stuff pads but still driveable on the Street. Some applications are R90 approved for road use in Europe. Good cold friction for street use and better friction than Yellow Stuff for heavier cars on the track. These also work for heavy duty SUV and Pickups when running large tire/wheel packages or for towing.  Blue Stuff brake pads are pre-scorched for a quicker bed-in period.

Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding fitment for your application.
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