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Raybestos Brake Pads

Raybestos Brake Pads
For Aftermarket Caliper Brake Pad Applications:
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Raybestos has been making brake pads for over 100 years. They have proven themselves as a top brake pad manufacturer for both street and racing brake pads. Their street pads have been readily available for years, and now so are their race pads. LPI Racing has personal experience using these compounds that enable us to compare them with our experience with other brands.

Raybestos ST41
The best high energy input racing material available. Extremely successful in all the top three NASCAR series Raced by the 2002 NASCAR Champion Tony Stewart. Maintains high mu level at extremely high temperatures without sacrificing good wear - both pad and rotor. The ST41 needs some heat to work well.

Raybestos ST42
Lower mu than ST-41 and ST-43. Extremely stable average and in stop output over a wide temperature range. Has been very successful when used on the rear brakes in conjunction with the ST41 on the front. Best high-temperature wear of all their materials.

Raybestos ST43
Excellent wear rate on rotors and pads. Friction level between ST-47 and ST-42. This is the most popular compound for HPDE, Open Track and Endurance racing.

Raybestos ST45
Lower friction level than the ST-47. Slightly higher friction level than ST-43 while maintaining good rotor and pad wear.  Could be used as a great rear to compliment the ST-47 compound.

Raybestos ST47
Has the highest friction and torque available to date.  It has been engineered for long-lasting extreme heat situations and maximum rotor life. If you are looking for the most advanced-performing road race brake pad, that will simply out perform all the rest, this is it.
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