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Brake Bleeder and Adapters

LPI Racing has been using the Motive Products Power Brake Bleeder Kits and Adapters for over 8 Years. In the past we have tried many other methods like the mini vac pumps and Speedbleeders. None of those methods worked. The Power Bleeder is the only method that has worked for us, as well as having your buddy pump and hold the brake pedal. It only takes us about 15 minutes to bleed the brakes using the Power Bleeder. Most of that time is getting the car on jack stands. If you only bleed brakes once a year, the Power Bleeder is nice to have. If you bleed your brakes more often, the Power Bleeder is a "must have"!

Looking for an easy way to bleed your brakes? By yourself?

Motive Products

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Motive Products Power Brake Bleeder
Here's how it works: A tank containing hydraulic fluid is connected to the fluid reservoir on your vehicle and pressurized with air from a built in hand pump. When one of the bleed valves on the vehicle is opened, old hydraulic fluid is expelled as new fluid from the tank is forced into the system. Brake bleeding has never been easier. There's no need for a helper to constantly pump the pedal while you open and close the bleed valves. The 2 liter tank prevents the need for constant refilling of the fluid reservoir, thereby avoiding corrosive spills. Pressure bleeding provides the best results, even on the most difficult hydraulic systems (including most cars with ABS brakes).

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