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EBC Brake Rotors

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EBC Brake Rotors/Discs including Full-Floating 2-Piece Disc Assemblies

EBC Slotted RotorsEBC brakes offer us a high quality disc upgrade or replacement option across the full range of vehicle requirements.

- Premium Brake Rotors, Made in UK from G3000 spec cast iron.  Approved by German TUV Authorities.

- Ultimax Sport Rotors, start as a Premium Rotor above but use a narrow multi-slot design to minimize noise while optimizing performance.

- GD Sport Rotors, start as a Premium Rotor above are grooved and dimpled to aid in letting gasses and debris escape from the disc and pads.

- BSD Rotors, have a unique slot design that aids in brake cooling while reducing brake wind noise found in traditional slotted discs.

- 2-Piece Fully-Floating Brake Rotors, made from a G3500 disc alloy at the Northampton, UK facility as a replacement for applications like the Nissan GT-R or as an upgrade from 1-piece to 2-piece rotors on applications like the Ford Focus RS (mk3), Honda Civic Type R (FK8).

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