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EBC Brake Pads

EBC Brake Pads
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For Aftermarket Caliper Brake Pad Applications:

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EBC Brake Pad Compounds

Ultimax2 - Eco Friendly OE Replacement Brake Pads - Great for Everyday drivers.

Green Stuff - Street Brake Brake Pads - Great for drivers who want a replacement pad with a slight improvement compared to OE.

Red Stuff - Performance Street Ceramic Brake Pads - Low dust and an improvement in performance over OE.  Great for the luxury performance car.

Yellow Stuff - Street Performance / Light Track Brake Pads - It may be called a track pad, but I call it a great performance street pads.

Blue Stuff - High Performance Street / Light Race Brake Pads - If you are doing light track days, or have a car that doesn't need a Ultra-High friction pad, these may do the trick for you.

Orange Stuff - Track / HD 4x4 SUV Brake Pads - Labeled as a track pad because they handle the heat.  But are also good for trucks and SUV's requiring heavy braking performance.

RP-1 - Race Only Brake Pads - A true race pad designed for control and stability.

RP-X - Race Only Brake Pads - A step up in friction to the RP-1 in temp range and friction levels.

As with any of the Brake Pads we list, please don't hesitate to contact LPI Racing by e-mail, or during business hours by phone.   Have a nice day!

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