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XRP - Hose Insulation

XRP - Hose Insulation
Hose Insulation
LPI Racing offers several XRP products to protect engine hoses and wires in high temperature applications. The descriptions below will help you chose the best product for your needs. All products are sold bye the foot. Be sure to specify length when ordering.

XRP Fyre Jacket Fyre Jacket is a smooth silver silicone-coated glass sleeving, engineered to withstand continuous temperatures to 500°F. Fyre Jacket can provide short term direct flame protection and is expandable for easy installation over completed hose assemblies. XRP has sized this product to provide a tight fit on braided stainless steel CPE hose.
XRP Fyre Foil II Fyre Foil II is a very lightweight fiberglass sleeving laminated with a mylarized aluminum surface that provides radiant heat protection to 800°F. The mylar surface resists abrasion and brake fluid. Fyre Foil II is NOT expandable and should be slipped over the hose BEFORE assembly.
XRP Fyre Foil Lite Sleeving Fyre Foil Lite Sleeving is an ultra-lightweight fiberglass laminated sleeve with a mylarized aluminum surface for radiant heat protection to 800°F, Fyre Foil Lite has an internal seam for a smooth exterior with no visible stitching.Abrasion resistant. Repels brake fluid. Fyre Foil Lite is NOT expandable and should be slipped over the hose BEFORE assembly.

Note: Sized for stainless steel braided hose - use I.D. dimensions for other hoses or cables

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