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Wheel Spacers

Measure Gap Before you decide what thickness of spacer to purchase, please measure your gap. Measure the wheel-well to tire gap, as shown on the left, and order the corresponding spacers to put your wheels and tires where they will look and perform their best. LPI Racing offers Wheel Spacers from Eibach, H&R or Maximum Motorsports.

Notes: 15mm is usually the "thinnest" spacer that allows a "centric hub" to be built into the spacer. To verify that your wheels will still contact the OEM centric hub, measure the OEM centric hub, subtract the thickness of the spacer, and subtract the depth of the beveled area on your wheel. If you get a negative number, your wheels will only be held in place by the wheel bolts, or wheel studs and some vibration may be noticed.
Example 1: 15mm OEM centric hub - 10mm spacer - 5mm bevel= 0mm of area for the wheel to contact the OEM hub.
Example 2: 15mm OEM centric hub- 5mm spacer - 3mm bevel = 7mm of contact area between the wheel and the OEM hub.
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