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LPI Racing About Us

LPI Racing was founded as Livermore Performance, Inc. in 2002 by Monty and Stephen Anderson. Since then, their dedication to providing knowledgeable and personal service to their customers has helped build a business with a solid reputation for excellent customer service and value.

2008, fellow racing and track day enthusiasts, Bill & Tammy Lackey partnered with LPI Racing to help it reach its goals of opening up a storefront and launching a new eCommerce-enabled website. In May 2008, LPI Racing opened its storefront in Livermore, CA.

2015, LPI Racing has relocated to the beautiful state of Montana.

lpi racing at the 2006 san jose grand prixThe owners of LPI Racing at the 2006 San Jose Grand Prix, enjoying a photo opportunity with the local attractions.LPI Racing knows the difference between "Street" cars and "Race" cars. We sell products for both. With experience in Motorsports activities since 1998, we have seen several products that work well, and more that don't. But more importantly, we want to build your trust so you always know who to come to for your performance needs. Let us hook you up with winning products for your car today! Below, you can see the two LPI Racing cars that club raced in Northern California.
lpi racing, c5 corvette and cobra r mustang

LPI Racing uses what we sell.
Some of the cars we tracked include a '95 Cobra R Mustang, '99 C5 Corvette Coupe and '92 Spec Miata which utilize many products we sell. Other cars we've had on the track include an '02 Honda S2000, Ultima GTR, BMW M3, Diasio D962, Mitsubishi Evo, VW Golf and most recently, a LS7 powered 3rd Gen. RX7. This experience gives us first had knowledge for many of the products you are looking for.

LPI Racing, Spec Miata
LPI Racing, Tammy


LPI Racing, Bill


LPI Racing, Honda S2000

Our Mission:
At LPI Racing, it is our objective to provide our customers with the best service in the industry before, during and after your purchase to ensure an enjoyable buying experience.

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM PST

We're here to help. We're racers too and understand the importance of being available to the person heading out to the track for last minute supplies and hardware. If we are here officially, or after hours, we are always ready to see if we can help out. So go ahead and give us a call.

Contact Information:

Phone: (406) 420-2400
Email: Sales@lpiracing.com

Monty Anderson, President

Stephen Anderson, Vice President