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Girodisc Brake Kits

Girodisc Brake Kits
Girodisc Brake Kit LPI Racing offers Girodisc lightweight Ferrari brake systems. The Girodisc brake system is a direct replacement for the OE front rotor and caliper, and the rear rotor. The system is a bolt on, and provides significant weight and brake fade-resistance performance benefits.
The Girodisc system was designed for braking balance to match the OE system, only raising the level of braking torque, thermal capacity and cooling rate equally at each corner.

The Girodisc system will deliver a firm, better modulating pedal and the ability to get through track days without fading out or loosing pedal. The caliper piston sizing was chosen specifically to closely match the OE master cylinder and hydraulics as well as the force balance between front and rear axles.

Girodisc Assembly Instructions

Girodisc Installation and Bedding Instructions

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