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Harness Mounting

LPI Racing offers Harness Bars, Guide Bars and Mounts that will allow you to permanently mount Harness in your race car or we can provide a method of quickly removing the harnesses for your street/track car.  Brey-Krause is always expanding their line of products from shorter lap belt mounting hardware for you guys and gals that are smaller than the average person you see super-sizing their order at the Dairy Queen. So if you've been having a problem getting the lap belts as tight as you should while in the correct seating position, you may want to get a set of these brackets. We can also get you the latest additions to the Brey-Krause Harness Truss and Harness guide bars for your car. While we prefer customers use a roll bars like those we offer from Autopower, we understand that some people just don't want to put a roll bar in their car.
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