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CM In-Line Oil Filters


CM Oil Filters have a longer life than standard oil filters. In a normal street application the oil filter can be changed every 10,000 miles. When using a synthetic oil, the oil should be changed every 5,000 miles while the filter element should be changed with every other oil change.

Checking your oil filter element is one of the best ways to monitor your engine. To inspect your CM oil filter, remove the filter element from the housing and take the end caps off the metal cages. Slide the element out and stand it up on paper towels to drain the oil. After draining, unroll the element for inspection. During the first few inspections after an engine rebuild, debris from break-in and particles left over from the machining will show up. The amount of these contaminates will decrease over time, any major increase will indicate a problem.

CM In-Line Oil Filters are Canton's lightest weight filter and have excellent flow because of their straight through design. The filters feature 2-3/4" diameter blue anodized filter bodies as well as clear anodized removable end caps for element inspection and replacement. CM in-line oil filters come in three styles; a synthetic fiber element oil filter, a screen element filter and a dual stage screen and synthetic fiber element oil filter.

The synthetic fiber oil filter filters down to 8 micron and is ideal for use as a primary filtration filter. The screen filter comes with a screen element installed and is ideal for an inspection filter. The two stage filter combines the superior filtration qualities of the synthetic fiber media with the ease of inspection of the stainless screen element.
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