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Girodisc Brake Pads

Girodisc Brake Pads
Girodisc Brake PadsGirodisc "Magic Pads" have less dust than typical factory pads and much less than typical performance pads. Additionally, they have great initial bite. Magic pads are a semi-metallic composition that is easy on the rotors. We recommend always replacing pads as a whole car set when switching compounds. All magic pads come with anti-noise shields pre-installed, included in the price.

Girodisc "S/S Pads" is an intermediate pad called the S/S pads for street/strip. These street performance pads feature a hotter compound than Girodisc's standard Magic pads and are capable of maintaining braking efficiency up to 1000 degrees. These will dust a little more than the Magic pads and can make a little noise from time to time however the anti noise backing plates which all pads will come with will help reduce the noise.

Comparatively the Girodisc S/S pads perform very similarly to the Ferodo DS2500's.
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